Selected Artwork

Bottle Up – 103x50cm – Hand finished Silk Screen print, Spray paint, Ink and Acrylic on Wood
Under The Dome – 500x700mm – Acrylic and ink on found wood
Poisoned Suitcase II  – 30x44x11cm  – Acrylic and ink on vintage map of the world pasteup on a wooden suitcase. 
Varanus Rudicollis -300x830mm – Acrylic and Ink on wood
Brittle Star – 860x860mm – Acrylic and ink on Plywood case.

  – 750x750mm –  Collage, acrylic on wooden table top.
Lion Fish Cage 460x360mm – Silk screen print, hand painted on wooden box.
Lezard Shield  – 4450x160mm – Acrylic on metallic found object.
Acid Water – 130x280mm – Collage on vintage metal box.
Radiola II – 120x180cm – Collage and acrylic on canvas.
Sea Butterfly Garden  – 220x220mm – Original drawing, Paper cut shadow box.
Mastermind Blow -860x860mm – Acrylic, ink, spray paint on wood.